A strong foundation is the basis of anything long lasting

It’s true. A solid foundation is what would make anything that is built upon it, be it literally or figuratively, stand tall and last longer. The stronger your foundation is, the higher you can reach, and the longer lasting and most dependable your entire structure will be. You will also have to deal with less structural issues in the long run, and hopefully, this is one type of repair that you will never have to do.

A strong foundation is started with the digging out of a deep trench, several meters deep in to the ground, depending on the height and type of structure that you hope to build. In to this, go huge concrete blocks and granite rock. Then come the screw piles installation around which you would build you walls and pillars, and upon which you would place your concrete slabs which will form the upper floors of your building.


The use of steel has been a long standing, tried and tested favourite material among contractors and architects alike for this purpose. More recently though, concrete has become fashionable, considered to be not only strong in its own right, but because it’s strength can be customized based on the needs of the particular building that is being built. This can be done owing to the fact that concrete needs to be mixed and made. Therefore, there is no need to make concrete pillars stronger than they need to be, thereby reducing building material costs to what is optimal for the structure in question.

However, the process of making and mixing concrete is one that is quite harmful to the environment, and to those workers who work directly with the mixing machinery, and even those people who simply happen to live and work in close proximity. A significant amount of toxic gaseous vapor and dust are released in to the air, while more chemicals may be released to any water bodies that are nearby. Or to the ground directly. This is all very harmful to the environment, and all plants and animals who happen to be in the vicinity.

Conversely, the steel screw piles installationis considered significantly more superior. There are many reasons for this. First and most importantly, it is perfectly safe for the environment. Steel is 100% recyclable and is easy to shape and mold. It is exceptionally strong, being perfect for the purpose of holding up buildings and pillars.

The special spiral shape of these rods provides added benefits. The spiral shape, along with the circular motion with which they will be driven in to the foundation allows the work to be carried out in a more energy efficient way, while the thread system ensures that they will sit in place well without moving around. There is less dust and mess created when driving these rods in to the ground making it that much more convenient and cleaner.

Need we say more?