Redecorating Your Home Expensively – with Less Cost

No can deny the sheer beauty of polished hardwood floors and sandstone walls. Think about that marble fireplace or mantle you saw on auction, and how perfectly it would complement your home. A mere wooden banister adds a touch of class to any humble apartment. However, all these items are made of expensive materials which few people can afford to have in their homes when redecorating. Here are a few alternatives you can have for the above that will still make your home look classy and expensive:

Wooden or Stone Floors

If you have seen the swirls and whorls in genuine granite floors then you know how sophisticated they look. Don’t forget the hardwood floors either, which again are extremely classy. However, if you’re from a climate like in Brisbane, hardwood floors may not be the best option. Try wood patterned laminate flooring Brisbane humidity will not affect the laminate because of its waterproof exterior.

Especially if you go to a reputed dealer of laminate flooring Brisbane. They also come in sandstone and granite patterns for those who have bigger floors and more ambitious horizons to cover.


Marble Mantle or Fireplace

Even a marble statuette costs a fortune these days, so a marble mantle or a fireplace is out of the question. Melamine however, is not. There are some faux-marble items that are made of melamine or a similar material that look exactly like the genuine article – until you pick it up. If you want the solidity of marble but can’t afford the price tag, ask your builders to design and build your fireplace or mantle for you in normal cement and white plaster, and then have them paint over in pearly paint. A skilled painter will even add streaks of browns and greys to mimic the striations in marble stone.

Brass Doorknobs and Other Fittings

These are actually much more affordable (if impractical) than the other materials. Any flea market will yield a brass doorknob and/or hinges for not much money. However, old brass tends to be brittle and presents a security risk; instead, look for a brass knocker. Good knockers are heavy and have bulging rings which ring out resoundingly when banged on the door. If you merely want it as an ornament, that’s alright too. All you have to do is screw the brass knocker on to the door and you’re ready to go. Pair it with a door colour that will match its aging appearance and you will have a front entrance that exudes age, tradition, history and mystery even before the guests have entered.