Tips To Make Your Living Room Look More Spacious

Creating the illusion of a space is not as hard as you think. If you are quite regretful, about the space your living room has, then with simple tricks you can turn out to make it look very much spacious. Plus, it’s not so expensive and it will naturally give your room an elegant look. Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Use the benefits of a mirror

Placing mirrors in a specific room can really make it look elegant and wonderful in a minute. Not to mention the feeling it given to the person of the scale of the room. Placing your mirror right in front of a window is the best way to reflect light and to make the room feel bigger. When choosing mirrors you can select from different sizes and designs. Whether you want a wall mirror, framed mirrors or even other types of decorative designs, it can add a touch of class to your small room.

Unity of colors

Different shades of the same color can create an illusion of the size of the room. Plus, this is not an expensive way at all. Either you match all your decors in the room according to the color palettes or you can match your walls with them. Also it makes the room look visually cohesive with the unity of these colors. For more inspirations you can check online for color palettes and how decors have matched with it.

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Innovative storage ideas

Any room might look cramp-ish and not enough with room, because you haven’t used the correct storage methods. There’s a wide range out there’s for you when it comes to a living room storage options. Look for ones that will match best with the looks of your room and specially the available space. Check for ottoman sets, coffee tables with storage space, console table with storage, wall shelves and in-built shelves for your living room.

Large to small art pieces

When a room is dull and boring, it will be decreased from its size too. This is why you want to give it more life through some artworks. You can either collect several small art pieces and then hang them on your wall or even use a large and bold art piece for your wall to make it look dramatic, you can also add craft modular storage cubes. When you are using several small ones, make sure you don’t make your wall look like a gallery, but keep it simple and alive.

More light

While you focus on the correct lighting systems for your home, you might also want to keep your windows clean and clear for the natural daylight to pour into your room. More light can give depth to any room. Plus, it makes your room look naturally beautiful and more comfortable. Add a bit of privacy to your room with the use of matching curtains or even with roman blinds and shades, for a much modernized look to your room.