Tips To Selecting A Good Wedding Location

The location at which you want your big day to be held at depends on the kind of celebration you want. Before you start focusing on anything else, make sure you write down a list with different key factors that a determining forces to making a decision as to where the wedding should be held. You can have a plain setting and decorate it with different types of colours and ornaments to bring out the beauty, or you could select a venue that is a visual marvel, and have little to no decoration. Given below are some criteria you should look into while deciding on a location.

Geographical location

Many couples like to think from their guests’ point of view and select a location that is of easy access to many of the guests that are being invited. Whether you are having the ceremony and the reception in your backyard, anywhere close to home, or a destination wedding, you need to plan and figure out how your guests are going to make it to the destination. It is not only their responsibility, but yours too in getting them to the location without much hassle.


It is important to know what kind of ceremony and reception that you want. Whether it is going to be formal or informal, a new creative theme to the receptions, or the same old traditional one. The ceremony will have to take place either during the night or day, indoors or outdoors? What kind food will be served? Will an outdoor area with a beautiful garden help enhance the perfect wedding photography? All these things have to be carefully thought of and, listed down as things that have to be done before actually going to the location for inspection.


Guest count

You’ve found a beautiful location which will be ideal for wedding photography, but is not capable of holding a larger number of people. This is where you have to decide whether you want to select a different venue in order to accommodate all the guests, or invite just a few so that the ceremony will take place with a beautiful backdrop. After discussing it with your fiancé, you will have to come to a decision, and stay firm on it.

Traffic situations

There is a possibility for many of the guests that you have invited to travel long distances to make it to your said location. For people who do not know the area well, may get rather confused in looking for the venue making them drive back and forth frantically. With the advancements in technology there are many possibilities to find your way through online maps, but there are certain instances when these too do not work accordingly. Which is why it will be beneficial to provide adequate directions with the invitation, making their process of getting to the location an ease.

Looking for a location for your wedding can be a daunting task, but going through the above tips will help you make a very calculated decision.